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During pregnancy, a woman experiences major physical changes that are simply beautiful yet overwhelming at the same time. The increasing weight of a pregnant belly can cause fatigue, back pain, cramps, migraines, and other physical discomforts brought about by pregnancy-induced hormonal changes.

What a pregnant woman wants more than anything is to ease her physical pains through a nice relaxing massage. But the major concern here is, is it safe for pregnant women to receive a massage?

The short answer is yes! And here’s how else it can benefit pregnant women:

The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

No doubt the best benefit, and the main reason why pregnant women want to get massages, is that it feels good. But did you know that there is a gamut of other advantages in getting a pregnancy massage?

It enhances sleep quality.

One of the main complaints of pregnant women is sleep deprivation caused by hormonal imbalances and bodily changes. A good massage induces sleep by relaxing the body and promoting good blood flow.

It lowers anxiety and stress levels.

Pregnancy doesn’t only cause changes physically but also mentally. Pregnant women are more susceptible to experiencing mood swings and unstable emotions making them feel stressed and anxious all the time. Massages can induce a feeling of calm helping both moms and babies reduce their stress hormones.

It reduces the swelling of joints.

The swelling of joints is common in pregnant women because of low blood circulation and added pressure to the blood vessels. Massages are recommended for pregnant women as it reduces the buildup of fluids in the joints and stimulates the soft tissues.

It minimizes the risk of premature birth.

A scientific study has proven that women who regularly received pregnancy massages are less likely to experience premature birth than those that did not.

It is important to note, however, that women who are in the first trimester of their pregnancy and those with underlying medical conditions must get their doctor’s approval before getting a massage.

Where to Get a Good Prenatal Massage?

Prioritize your and your baby’s safety and choose to get a massage only from shops that are hygienic, have the proper equipment and techniques, and more importantly, have technicians that hold a prenatal massage certification. Trust only a massage salon that has the experience and expertise to perform a safe and reliable pregnancy massage.

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