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Everyday pressure and stress can lower our morale, our productivity, and it can be difficult to improve if we don’t act to change things. Taking care of yourself taking some rest, doing non-stressful activities can dissipate stress more easily and massage is a good way to go. But why does a massage make you feel so good?

1 / A calm environment

A massage parlor is a quiet place where you can rest easily. Everything is planned for your well-being throughout your massage session. The musical atmosphere of the salon will quickly change your mood and put you in an initial state of well-being that will last even after your massage session.

2 / Soft light to avoid stress

The massage parlor is also radically different from the street. Where the street is gray and cold, the massage parlor will bring you soft and subdued light, much less aggressive for your eyes and brain, which will give you a general feeling of well-being. This light can be adapted as you wish to make it more or less bright.

3 / A soothing smell

The smell of oil and oil on your skin will awaken your sense of smell and put you in a state of well-being that will release your tension. You will relax your muscles and be more and more relaxed during the massage session. This feeling of fullness and serenity will be present at each session because you will be used to feel calm during the massage.

4 / The possibility of not thinking about your problems

The atmosphere of the massage will make you forget your problems, whether it’s because of your family, partner, friendship, … these difficulties will be put aside and you can focus on your well-being and your health. Your blood pressure will stabilize and you will feel light.

5 / Massages are good for your muscles

The massage will have a considerable impact on your muscles. Massaging the muscles allows better blood circulation, but also to recover better after a sporting effort, this is the reason why athletes are often massaged, to help them be always at the top of their performance.

6 / The endorphins released by your brain during the massage

The massage will stimulate your brain in several ways and it will react by releasing various molecules, including endorphin, which is a powerful molecule to pass pain and thus feel better for longer. The effect is therefore twofold, it will affect both your morale and your physique.

7 / The feeling of having had a good time

When you go for a massage, you know in advance that you will have a moment of rest and that your stress will decrease at the time of your appointment, your stress will also decrease just before doing your massage session and will decrease throughout of it. This feeling will have a strong impact on your morale and your actions.

Having a massage has many benefits that positively affect your physique, mind, and morale in the long run. In addition, it is important to take the time to take care of yourself in order to be fit and healthy longer.

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