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Massaging the feet and treating pain in the body is called reflexology. This technique comes from traditional Chinese medicine and it is based on the application of pressure on specific areas of the foot connected to a certain part of the body.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a therapeutic technique that aims to relieve the body. Its practice has been around for thousands of years. Reflexology is described as a gentle, manual and natural method to heal the human body.

In reflexology, the foot occupies the main place, because it is the representation of the body in miniature. Indeed, each area of ​​the body has its correspondence on the foot. Applying pressure to some of these areas helps localize the tension and restore balance to the corresponding body part. Thanks to the stimuli sent via pressure exerted on the skin, the nervous system is stimulated and activates certain physiological responses.

What is reflexology used for?

Reflexology is part of the alternative and natural medicine allowing relaxation. Indeed, stress is a factor known to be at the origin of various physical and mental dysfunctions. Without necessarily realizing it, any individual can be subjected to daily stress, and can develop certain disorders such as difficulty sleeping, headaches, muscle pain …

How a session of reflexology works?

A reflexology session usually lasts about 1 hour. During the first contact, the first few minutes allow the reflexologist to discuss with his patient and question him about his condition, feelings, and general state of health. The professional then proceeds to relax his patient and activate his lymphatic and venous system with a gentle and relaxing massage. Stronger pressures are subsequently exerted on the targeted areas. Finally, an energetic massage concludes the session.

The number of sessions required and their frequency depend on the patient and his needs. To relax and feel in good shape, 1 session every month is a good rhythm. If the patient needs more attention, 2 to 3 sessions every 15 days may be necessary.

NB: Although foot reflexology is the most common, there are other forms of reflexology including hand or face reflexology. Hand reflexology is used on more sensitive people such as the elderly or pregnant women. Facial reflexology is preferred in the event of a mental disorder, such as strong anxiety or overwork.

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