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It is important to take care of yourself and there are many ways to do it. Whether through diet, sport or massage, the benefits are real. While the benefits of diet and sport are known, massages are less often mentioned. In this article we will see together the benefits that you can derive from massages and especially foot massages.

Improves blood circulation and strengthens foot muscles

If you have a desk job and don’t have the opportunity to be able to move a lot, the blood circulation in the feet may be quite poor, the color may be purplish, and you may be colder than usual. Doing foot massages will help you combat this so that your feet feel better. Another negative thing about an office job is that the muscles in your feet aren’t working hard enough. Massaging the soles of your feet will stimulate your muscles to keep them healthy.

Reduces pain in flat feet

Having a massage directly targeted at your arch will help reduce the pain you may have if you have flat feet. If you can have regular massages the relief will be even more important over time.

Reduces water retention

Massages also reduce water retention, which is especially important for women who are or have been through menopause. Massaging the feet frequently will reduce pain and swelling in the feet.

Reduction of stress and tension

Studies have shown that foot massages have beneficial qualities in reducing stress and blood pressure. Performing frequent massages directly affects the brain and the forecast of massage has a similar effect to a lesser extent than the massage itself. Another visible effect on the brain is that massages also reduce headaches, so spending time focusing on your body’s health has a big effect on your mood and morale.

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