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Our feet support us on our way through life, and for a lot of us, that can mean many hours of standing and walking during the day, with the feet bearing most of the brunt of all that activity. It’s no wonder the feet can get sore and tired and desperately in need of some relaxation that is meant purely for them.

Sometimes, our feet deserve a little more than just a few minutes where we can put them up for a while. With all the work they are forced to put up with, tired and aching feet can have both a physiological and mental effect on our mind and body.

At the end of a long hard week spent mostly on your feet, you would be surprised how much of a relief a relaxing foot massage can provide to the mind and soul. Professional masseurs know how to release the tension stored in your feet with their in-depth knowledge of feet physiology.

You will be able to feel the stresses melt away as the masseuse expertly manipulates the pressure points. If you live in the St. Petersburg, FL then you will be pleased to know that the best foot masseurs are now in your area and ready to give you a little taste of heaven at our newly opened Paradise Foot Spa.

The feet are the most stressed parts of the body, so it’s important they receive a regular dose of TLC, which will keep them in top form and better able to support you from week to week.

The benefits of a professional foot massage at Paradise Foot Spa are many and include:

* A good night’s sleep – The solar plexus is the storage point in your feet for a lot of stress. A relaxing massage can release this tension, which in turn, will yield a better night’s sleep.

* Relax your entire body – Everyone loves a good foot rub or massage, simply because the feelings aren’t just confined to your feet. People who visit Paradise Foot Spa often report feeling good all over, even though it was only their feet which received treatment.

* Improved blood circulation – Improving your blood circulation will help with your overall health. And with more studies connecting foot massage to improved conditions for hypertensive patients, there’s even more reason to take good care of your feet with a regular professional massage.

* Prevents foot and ankle injuries – A professional massage on your feet will reduce joint pain and reduce recovery times after an injury. Many of our patients also report reduced muscle pain.

* Improves mental health – Studies recently completed on reflexology indicate that a foot massage can alleviate the symptoms of depression and anxiety, which goes much further than people just entering a relaxed state for a brief period.

The human body is a complex organism, with the feet playing a pivotal role in its health and wellbeing. Book yourself in today and discover the difference a Paradise Foot Spa massage in St. Petersburg, FL can make to your week.

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