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When discussing whether a foot massage is useless or worth it, we should first talk about what we mean by massage. In this article, we are referring to a massage from a trained therapist who has a highly developed understanding of your foot’s anatomy and knows “all the right buttons to push.”

What we are not talking about are the massage appliances you can buy from the department store which you plug into the wall. They can feel quite nice, but they are worlds apart from the experience you will receive from a trained professional, and their effects are also short-lived.

Health Benefits of Foot Massage

If we put all health claims aside for a moment, we can make one claim about the worthiness of a foot massage that nobody can deny – they feel fantastic! After a day of being on your feet in hot leather shoes, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as a foot massage from a trained therapist. However, there are other benefits you will receive from regularly treating your feet.

Foot Massages Help Reduce Swelling

Feet bear the brunt of our weight, and the effect of gravity will eventually take its toll. Many people experience swelling of the feet when they ask too much of them. A massage is an excellent way to improve the circulation and start the excess fluid (called interstitial fluid) moving again.

Foot Massages Help You Relax

With all the stresses our busy lifestyles heap upon us, it’s essential to find ways to relax. For many people, the best way to chill out and reduce stress is to subject themselves to a weekly foot massage. The great thing about a foot massage is that you don’t just feel it in your feet.

Once the massage therapist gets to work, the blissful sensation quickly spreads to the rest of your body and mind. There is also some evidence that a foot massage can reduce systolic blood pressure and heart rates in some individuals.

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