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People with back pain often need relief without the dangers and side-effects present in painkillers. One way to get some much-needed respite from an aching spine and muscles is to treat them to a professional massage. Here’s how a massage can provide a medication-free and relaxing solution to your back-pain problem.

Benefits of Massage for Treating Back Pain

One of the problems with back pain is that sufferers often get no respite from the constant discomfort.

It can be tempting to take more medication even though there is a danger of overdosing or becoming dependent. Massage therapy can help these back pain sufferers find some relief without taking more pills.

Massage therapy is gaining more respect in the medical community as a viable solution for treating back problems. When used in conjunction with other treatments, it can help reduce the use of medications.

How Does Massage Help with Back Pain?

A professional massage therapist knows how to manipulate the muscles of the back to stimulate blood flow. When more blood is flowing, more nutrients are delivered to aching tired muscles, and soreness is reduced.

Tense bunched up muscles often cause back pain. Lifting heavy objects puts a strain on the lower back and neck, and injury in these locations can cause severe and lasting pain – from several hours to several weeks.

Massage works to reduce the tension and relax the muscles. The back becomes more flexible, and the level of discomfort is significantly reduced.

A thorough massage from a trained masseuse is relaxing in general, which provides natural benefits to pain control. When we feel nice and relaxed, it can trigger the brain to release endorphins – natural hormones that can make us feel good and help control pain. When we feel relaxed, pain is reduced, and recovery from neck and back discomfort can be significantly accelerated.

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