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Why is Water served After Massages?

A popular practice in massage parlors and after therapy sessions is for a masseuse to offer a nice, refreshing cup of water. Have you ever wondered why this is such a common practice? In this post we’ll sate your curiosity and put us all on the same page!

Avoid De-hydration – Getting Educated

When it comes to water, do we really drink enough?

It’s a common symptom in our rushed lifestyles of going from activity to activity to forget to take a second for ourselves and be refreshed by a glass of hydrating water. Due to the constant “on-the-go” lifestyles we live many of us may end up becoming a little de-hydrated.

Coupled with the fact that we may forget to drink enough water daily — doctors recommend 8 cups a day — we also sweat about 1 quart each day! This is no surprise with the fact that we have more than 2.5 MILLION eccrine sweat glands helping regulate our temperature.

Armed with this knowledge we can see that the water our therapists offer is a labor of love just as much as it is a pleasant convenience!

Potential Benefits of Water AFTER a Massage

The research on this topic is still a budding field. Direct correlations between massage and water have not been completely verified HOWEVER, we do know that it adds to the refreshing experience and often brings a big smile to your face.

That being said, proponents of water after a massage site the belief that our bodies store toxins and when we fail to move them enough or in the proper way, these toxins can become stuck.

When you take the time to receive a relaxing and releasing massage from a certified specialist, you are telling your body that you LOVE IT. In return, your body takes that love and does it’s best to keep you healthy.

As a result of the popular lifestyle where Americans do not have the time or energy to workout daily, toxins become stuck in the body — a very common occurrence. MASSAGE TO THE RESCUE!

Toxin Release & Body Health

In order to do this, during the massage, it begins to release the toxins being held in the muscles which can cause symptoms like shoulder tension, lower back pain, and muscle soreness or tightness.

As the gentle hands of the certified specialist massages these pain points and helps relax your body, the toxins begin to release.

The next step is for your body to excrete these toxins so that they don’t linger and cause any harm. In order to do this, your liver and pancreas begin to go to work fighting the toxins.

A common way that they release these toxins from your body is to urinate. If you’ve ever felt the need to pee right after a massage, this is probably the reason why.

A cup of water after the session is the perfect way to replenish the liquids your body just released in order to detoxify itself.

Just like getting an oil change for your car to keep the engine running smoothly and improve its quality of life, water is our oil change and constant hydration is the best way to ensure that our internal engines are running smoothly as well.


In conclusion, we all need more water in our lives and we all forget to drink it from time to time.

Take a moment and tell your body that you love it by drinking a BIG, COOL glass of water. Grease your internal engines and give your hardworking organs the THUMBS-UP that they deserve!

Also, don’t be shy and feel free to ask for another cup if you feel the need!

REMEMBER, rather than feeling sluggish due to dehydration, it’s better to drink an extra cup and get back to a state of revitalized health!

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