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Foot therapy has been around a long time. There are records of foot reflexology being used in China as far back as 4,000 BC, and images depicting the practice in ancient Egyptian tombs.

However, an ear, nose, and throat doctor by the name of William Fitzgerald (1872 – 1942) is the father of modern reflexology. Dr Fitzgerald noticed a link between how massaging different areas of the feet could improve organ functions, and it’s this connection which makes reflexology so effective in providing relief.

How to Give a Reflexology Foot Massage

Your patient will be there for a while, so they will need a comfortable place to lay down.

Create a foot bath with warm water. Add about one-quarter of a cup of Epsom salts and stir until it’s fully dissolved. Epsom salts contain magnesium sulphate.

Magnesium is a mineral used by the body in hundreds of interactions and is absorbed through the skin. The warm water helps to relax the muscles.

Soak the patient’s feet for about 10 minutes before starting the massage.

How to Relax the Feet

Take the heel of the foot with the palm of your left hand in a gentle grip, while placing your right hand over the top and close to the ankle.

Give both the top and bottom of the foot a gentle squeeze. Uric acid crystals build up in the foot, and the squeezing action improves circulation by breaking up the crystals so they can be flushed out.

Thumb Walking Technique

The thumb walking technique is easy on the hands and can be done for long periods without tiring.

Bend and unbend your thumbs as you walk them up the feet. Apply slight pressure during the bend and release it when straightening the thumb.

Thumb walking allows the massager to stimulate the entire foot for a thorough and relaxing session.

Foot reflexology can be done by anybody when practiced often enough, but professional practitioners are the best at creating long-lasting results. Enjoy the exquisite sensations of reflexology in a relaxing environment at your Palm Beach Gardens, FL professional foot spa, complete with pleasant aromas, soft lighting, and relaxing music.

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