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When you are young, your skin is fresh, well-hydrated, and toned without having to take special care to achieve this result. But once you reach adulthood, the stress of work, family, finances, … add fatigue is visible on the skin. Your skin must then follow special care to stay young and toned. It is in this process that massages can revitalize your skin. How it works and what are the effects of the massage, we will see that right away.

1 / Massages provide you with better hydration of the skin

A massage does not happen on its own, many lotions, and moisturizers can be used before, during, or after a massage to ensure that your skin is getting enough water. The massages will emit a better integration of the products in your skin for the result to be as effective as possible.

2 / Toning of the muscles

The massages will revive by passively contracting the muscles to make them work, but also the massages will help to relax the muscles and to relax them. Relaxing the muscles and skin will help prevent and delay the onset of certain wrinkles.

3 / Improved blood circulation

The massages make it possible to fluidify the circulation of the blood vessels by stimulating the places where the veins are placed. Better blood circulation will allow your skin to be more toned and responsive to the touch. Healthy veins are the key to maintaining strong skin year after year.

4 / Exfoliation

Massages go a long way in getting rid of residual dead skin on the skin that prevents it from breathing and releasing toxins and wastes. The skin once stripped of dead skin is more supple and hydrated, you will look younger without resorting to makeup or other beauty products.

5 / Stimulation of the collagen

Massage tremendously stimulates the production of collagen in the skin. Collagen is used to keep the skin young, but the body produces less and less over the years, giving way to wrinkles and other skin imperfections. By actively massaging the skin, collagen production is enhanced and the skin appears healthier.

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