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The legs are an important part of the body, but we tend to neglect, we forget, we tell ourselves that the pain will pass, this is the case for many of us. Because we have a lot of things to do in life and we say to ourselves that we will take care of that later. But time passes and the pain does not, and it can eventually get worse. This is something not to be overlooked because it can be related to the blood circulation and therefore affect your entire health. So where do you start to get better, is there a diet to follow with all the constraints that it imposes, or some exercises, but with COVID it becomes more and more complicated to do sports in a safe way. What if massages are the solution? In this article, we will see together why massage can be the best solution to improve your health.

Pain, cramps, tingling, oedema

There are many signs that your feet need some care and attention. These signs can be visible or painful, but should not be overlooked. These signs are often related to poor blood and lymphatic circulation. You should know that this pain can be progressive and you should therefore be aware of it early enough to prevent your state of health from deteriorating. The practice of massage by professionals is a first choice solution to ensure that your problem is effectively treated.

Heaviness = Blood problem?

Heaviness in the legs can be related to a blood problem that can lead to varicose veins over time, so taking care of your health is essential. After a few sessions, your blood flow will improve and you will gradually find lighter legs. Massages provide effective relief and have positive effects on:

  • Stress relief

  • Feeling of well-being

  • Relief from heavy legs

  • Improved blood circulation

  • Relaxation of muscles

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