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How can massage help with mental health?

Speaking of massage, the physical and mental benefits of massage therapy are well-known, but did you know that it can also provide numerous emotional advantages? There's more than just the physical side of things! As "the world's greatest relaxant," massage therapy provides numerous mental and emotional benefits. This technique releases tension, but it has been shown to increase blood flow, which means you'll feel better mentally as well!

1. Improve your relaxation skills:

You don't even need to schedule an hour-long Swedish massage for the short-term benefits; you can get them in as little time by getting your own palm or foot massages! Studies show that when people become relaxed, their heart rate decreases which help reduce stress and anxiety. The two leading causes of depression are also decreased due to this increase in relaxants within our body's systems - it'll make all those worries melt away faster than ever before

2. Rest more efficiently:

Massages are a great way to help people relax and forget about their daily worries, but did you know that they can also improve sleep? These massages may be just what the doctor ordered for those with insomnia or other chronic conditions like cerebral palsy.

The benefits of receiving regular treatments include increased pain relief which is perfect if your head hurts after a day at work!

3. Alleviate the symptoms of chronic illnesses and diseases:

Many people with chronic illnesses and diseases such as cancer suffer from elevated stress levels. The constant fear of the unknown can worsen their conditions, leading to even more anxiety, leading them into a vicious cycle where they are unable or unwilling (because it's too difficult)to get help for themselves - until now! A recent study found that regular massage therapy had significant positive effects on those patients' quality of life compared against other treatments like surgery+/- chemotherapies.

4. Increase your overall happiness:

Massage therapy is a great way to improve your mood and relieve stress and anxiety - not to mention it has been shown that people who get massages regularly tend to be happier than those without! It's also good for increasing brain serotonin levels which can help make you feel less irritable when dealing with others or tasks at work. The best part? You'll boost the happiness of everyone around YOU too!

We all want to feel happy; however, we don't always know-how. One way in which this occurs is through massages! When we receive an aromatic, therapeutic rub down at least once per week - either as part of our personal treatment plan or just pursuant – it will help us release stress chemicals like serotonin, which will feel calm yet energized afterward. So what are your waiting for? Book a massage now!

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