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Walking, from point to point, bearing the weight of the body, on two feet can be quite demanding right? Hitting stones, cans, always in close contact with the ground, there is no telling that our feet are one of the most used and stressed parts of our bodies.

Giving them a treat is something that has become quite popular today and we really think they deserve it. Don’t you?

Foot massage is the act of kneading or rubbing the foot to promote circulation, suppleness and /or relaxation. It is a cheap and simple method of achieving relaxation. It is based on the principle of foot reflexology.

While a professional foot massage is a treat, you do not need it to get the whole benefits of a foot massage. Just sit in a comfortable chair, place your foot on the thigh of the other leg, pour some oil and rub gently and massage your whole feet. Don’t leave the toes, arch and heel. Knead deeper and press more firmly using your thumbs. Gently pull the thumbs apart with your hands.

Repeat for the other foot. You can also make use of foot massage devices available in local health stores that can easily get this job done for you.

Having Talked About Foot Massages, What are the Advantages?

Firstly, the relaxation effect: After a day of standing and walking round and round, a great foot massage can help you relax those feet and also your entire body. Gentle, firm strokes can send relieve signals throughout your body. You should try this out because they are very soothing.

Secondly, it makes your feet healthier. A lot of us wear tight foot wears for long periods of time. This can hinder blood flow and even cause pains and aches. Heel spurs, ankle pain and stiffness are also some results of a stressed foot. Foot massage can help to prevent or reduce the effects of these. Foot massage can also be used in combination with other forms of treatment to combat Restless leg syndrome, a neurological disorder.

Thirdly: Foot massage in the period of pregnancy can help to alleviate the oedema associated with pregnancy. During this period, it is recommended that you get the foot massage done by your partner, a friend or better still, a professional. Along with daily foot massage, also try to always keep your feet elevated whenever possible.

Fourthly, foot massage can also help people with flat feet and plantar fasciitis. Flat feet are a condition in which there is a collapse of the foot arch due to ligament laxity. This condition is associated with pain in some people. Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the plantar fascia (a connective tissue that supports the foot arch). This condition is also associated with chronic pain and discomfort. Deep massage coupled with regular exercise can help to significantly lessen this pain.

Finally, whether or not you agree, the feet are a source of mild arousal and foot massage can help improve your sex life. Just some more candles, and very good background music you can have a pleasant night with your partner.

So yes, Foot massage can help your foot and even other body parts!

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