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We ask a lot from our feet during a vigorous workout. The extra strain of running, jogging or helping to support heavy weights can take its toll, and our tired aching feet may benefit from a massage after a session at the gym or track. Here’s why a foot massage may be a good idea after a workout.

Helps Prevent Injury

A foot massage can help with joint pain and may even reduce inflammation and speed up recovery. When you combine a massage with ankle strengthening and stretching, you are helping to prevent further injury and speed up healing of the injuries which may already present.

Reflexology Improves Blood Flow

A foot massage will relieve stiffness and tension in the foot. During a workout, your body releases lactic acid, and a foot massage can help flush it out from your foot a lot faster than usual.

A Foot Massage Can Alleviate Pain

Numerous studies have been conducted on the pain relief available through reflexology. The good news is that the pain relief from a foot massage is not localized to just the feet, as it has also been shown to relieve pain in other areas of the body.

Foot Massage Can Reduce High Blood Pressure

If you’ve started a workout regime to get your blood pressure back under control, then a foot massage can aid your efforts to this end. Studies have shown that systolic blood pressure and triglyceride levels were improved following a therapeutic massage. [link:]

Foot Massages Promote Better Sleep

A decent night’s sleep after a workout speeds up recovery times, and a foot massage can help the body unwind in preparation for bed. The improved blood flow also helps to calm the nerves, which, in turn, promotes better sleep.

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