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1.knee massage: Knee on both sides of the surrounding rarely accumulates fat because it is the joint of the tibia and femur, called the patella. This area is easy to appear edema or relaxation of the phenomenon so that the leg thickening. Specific improvement starts from around the knee massage, can play to improve the skin around the knee relaxation phenomenon. However, the number of massages must be frequent. Otherwise, it can not play to enhance the effectiveness of the curve.

2.Improve calf microcirculation

The first step to reducing the leg is to loosen the firm calf meat. The palms of both hands are close to the legs; the four fingers are closed together, the thumb is forced to press the leg muscles from the heel of the lymph node at a medium speed upward rotation, 2-3 minutes for each leg.

Here’s another bedtime routine: Lift your legs up against the wall at a 90-degree Angle before you go to bed. Beginners hold this position for 2-3 minutes, then slowly increase to 5-10 minutes. Later can stick to 20-30 minutes and then put down, help the leg blood circulation, reduce leg edema.

Benefits of leaning your legs up against the wall:

1. Adjust the overall blood circulation;

2. Relieve headache and insomnia;

3. Eliminate fatigue or cramps in the feet;

4. Prevent varicose veins;

5. Tune the stomach and improve the digestive system;

6. Relax your mind and body;

7. Beautify your legs.

Caution: Avoid this movement during menstruation.

What other best techniques for leg massages do you know?

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