The Best Foot & Body Massage in Jupiter Florida

Our reflexology techniques are safe way of helping you feel more energized, lighter, pain-free, restful, productive and of course—relaxed. During this time you are free to close your eyes and chat if you wish but most importantly you are encouraged to communicate any concerns or discomfort that might arise.

60 Minutes Foot + Body Combo Massage | $55 ($52 When Paying Cash)
Our combo therapy ensures that every inch is appropriately tended to, and that clients leave paradise with no regrets only a reinvigorated mindset to match a refreshed body. Includes a 30/min body massage and a 30/min foot massage.

90 Minutes Foot + Body Combo Massage | $85 ($82 When Paying Cash)
Make no mistake, this treatment is not simply intended to appease the over indulgent but rather for those individuals that want a thorough paradise experience.Includes a 45/min body massage and a 45/min foot massage.