Why Drink Water AFTER Massage?

Why is Water served After Massages? A popular practice in massage parlors and after therapy sessions is for a masseuse to offer a nice, refreshing cup of water. Have you ever wondered why this is such a common practice? In this post we’ll sate your curiosity and put us all on the same page! Avoid […]

How to Give a Foot Massage

A foot massage can be a great way to relax, relieve stress, and pamper achy and tired feet after a hard days work. Below are some great tips to help you give a friend or loved one a quick massage. Choose a cream, oil, or lotion to work with. Creams tend to be thicker than lotions […]

5 Tips For Giving a Good Body Massage

Body massages have many benefits, in addition to releasing tension, a massage can help regulate blood pressure and boost your immune system. The below tips can help you give a fabulous in-home massage. Don’t Use Too Much Pressure. There are times when you need a tiny bit of pain for gain (like when you’re putting pressure on […]